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Rochel was great!

She took me by the hand and gave me the strength and encouragement to do something I had been dreading for months! My sweet little 10 month old at the end of the program is putting herself to sleep and night wakings are very infrequent (don't want to jinx myself ;) ) and even if she does wake she is learning to self soothe and return to sleep on her own. -Beth McKenzie Chastant

I can't say enough!!!

She made such a difficult transition feel like a breeze. She was always available for my questions or when I needed her, provided me with all the tools to make my baby more independent, and gave me priceless tips for the future. My son went from 2 night feedings and countless waking in the night and morning to sleeping through the night within a week. Best decision my husband and I could have made was to contact her! -Kathryn Parejo Cormier

Jayde has been a Godsend.

We first started working with her when Winston was 8 weeks old and she helped him create great sleeping habits. When he turned 4 months, with Jayde's help again, he started sleeping through the night super fast because of his previous habits. Jayde has been a Godsend to our family. -Michelle Kim

Rochel is an amazing sleep trainer!!!!!!

My 8 month old son was waking numerous times a night. Now, he is sleeping in his room and crib all night long. -Justine Sklar Yerushalmi

By the 3rd day, Ben slept for 12 hours!

Initially we were not inclined to sleep training and were hesitant, perhaps ignorant, but after many months of sleepless nights that started taking a toll in our daily functioning, a friend saw our tired faces and recommended Rochel. -Isa Bnk

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