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Article: 0 - 3 Months

Diaper bag and Car necessities:

Here is a great list of must have items in your diaper bag and car to keep your life running smoothly as a mom or dad J!

Happy Mommying!

Colic, Gas, Oh no, What Do I Do!?

Have you already tried changing your diet while breastfeeding or switched formulas and your baby still has gas? Their little bellies are growing at such a rapid rate! In order to make them as comfortable as possible there are a few products that are over the counter that can help:

Gripe water: A natural herbal remedy, consisting of ginger and fennel.

Mylicon or Little Tummies which is Simethicone. This is baby gas X it is the same ingredient in adult gas x just a tiny amount.

Windi: you insert this up the baby's bottom and it immediately releases the gas.

Baby Probiotic: probiotics just like we take in the correct dosage for a baby. BioGaia (now Gerber Soothe) is an over the counter brand to look for.

Happy Tummi: this is a band with lavender, chamomile and lemongrass that acts as aromatherapy. You wrap this around the belly and it calms them.

In addition to these you can do bicycles with their legs, belly time, and a small soft belly massage.

Get Them On Their Tummy! But Why??

As a mom we come home from the hospital and we are told we have to do tummy time, but why? What, if any benefits does tummy time provide? Today I am going to let you in on some of the amazing things tummy time does for your little one!

Tummy time adds the following benefits:

  1. Helps strengthen their back and neck muscles reducing their risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). These strong muscles will also aid your little one in rolling, crawling, standing and eventually walking.
  2. Helps keep your baby's head round. We lay our babies down on their back to sleep so giving them time on their belly will keep them off the back of their heads and avoid a flat spot in the back of their head.
  3. Helps them sleep better. Yes that’s right, helps them sleep better! Tummy time actually sends a signal to their brain that helps them sleep better. Oh and it wears them out a little, making them tired and ready for some sleep.
  4. Helps relieve gas, which can also help them sleep better. The pressure on their belly gets that extra gas out of their belly.
  5. Develops their motor skills. As they get up on their hands, they want to be part of the action around them. They want to touch different fabrics, reach for toys and develop their strength to move more.

Tummy is very important and you can start it immediately when you get home from the hospital. The umbilical cord may still be on and that is ok. If they don't like it just do a minute or two and increase it each time. Enjoy watching your little one work out and let them enjoy a new view of the world from their bellies!

Help My Baby Sleep On The Go...

White noise is essential in the "mommy tool box". When the baby is the womb they hear a noise that is similar to white noise. It is noisy and loud in there and they love it! So when they come out we give them white noise to help them sleep and make them feel at home. A simple tool we can walk around with in our pocket, our phones. There is a great white noise apps for free on our phones that we can put on when we need it wherever we are. Another great mommy tool is AM radio. At some point you will be in the car and your child is crying hard, turn on the AM radio to a station which just static noise and this can help them calm down. White noise is so useful in the first 3 months so take advantage of this "mommy tool".

Cold and Flu Season, Hear It Comes!

If our little one has a cold it is heart breaking and they will for sure need a little more extra loving. In addition to some TLC there are a few remedies that can help your little one get through their cold.

  1. Saline their nose: this will help clear them up by loosening and softening up the mucus and keeping their inner nose moist. Try saline-ing their nose 5-10 minutes before you aspirate.
  2. Aspirate: You can use a suction bulb like they gave you at the hospital or actually "suck" it out with the nose frida. Babies are nose breathers so it’s important to keep their noses clear.
  3. Humidifier: A cool mist humidifier for their room. Clean it every 3 days.
  4. Baby Vicks (for a cough): Use this on their chest and feet. Put it on the bottom of their feet and cover it with socks to help it absorb. We don't know why this actually works, but their are key pressure points on the feet used in Chinese medicine which most believe this to be the reason.
  5. Steam showers: Bring your baby in the shower with you and stand there and let the steam do its job!
  6. Elevate the child while sleeping: You can do this safely for an infant by putting a pillow under the mattress in the crib. This only works for babies that aren't mobile yet. This enables the mucus to drain easily.
  7. Eucalyptus oil in a bath: This relaxing aroma will help clear them up. And probably relax mommy too :)
  8. Vicks on the bed: Take some Baby Vicks in your hands, rub your hands together then pat the mattress lightly. This will make your mattress have a light aroma of the Vicks, which will allow them to sleep better. Always test it first and put your head on the mattress first to make sure it is just a slight aroma and not too heavy.
  9. Keep their nose happy: Put some Vaseline or Aquaphor around their nose to avoid chapping. Make sure it’s just a little and none gets inside because that can block their airway.
  10. Fluids Fluids Fluids!: Keep your baby hydrated, this is the most important. You can offer pedialite, water, and extra feedings on the breast/bottle or if they are on solids good old fashioned chicken soup!

If your little one is over 1, you can give them a teaspoon of honey day if they have a cough. Just try to keep that mucus clean and out of them so they can heal fast and to avoid an ear infection! Good luck mamas!

Swaddling to sleep….

For the past 9 months your little one has been snug inside your belly. All of a sudden they came out into this world where we are going to nurture and love them to guide them through life. Swaddling the first few months of their life is a way to make them feel safe and secure, just like in your belly. It not only makes them feel warm and happy, but also keeps them from waking themselves so helps them sleep longer stretches of time. And yes this means mommy and daddy get longer stretches of sleep too! When you little baby comes into this world they have a startle reflex, this means they scare themselves because their arms fly up. Imagine, you have been snug under your covers in your bed and all of sudden in the middle of your sleep someone picks you up and puts you outside to sleep and your hitting yourself! Doesn’t sound so soothing does it! Swaddling can calm your baby quickly and keep them happily sleeping, so why would we stop? Well we all hit a point as parents that our baby is trying to break out of it around a week or two after being home from the hospital and we think “oh our little one is so strong and advanced they don’t need a swaddle!” The next time they sleep they are waking non-stop…then you think “hmmm maybe we should rethink that swaddle, but can we go back?” YES! Swaddle away! Actually swaddling your baby until they can roll from back to belly is 100% safe and will give your baby better and longer stretches of sleep, which gives mommy and daddy, sleep! So the swaddle should be your best friend the first few months to help your little one sleep. If one doesn’t work, try double swaddling (one swaddle on top of another swaddle)! I know with my second child she was so strong, I double swaddled her for 3 months! There are so many amazing products now that are quick and easy to use and comfortable for your baby. Happy sleeping mommy and daddy!

What is a Lovey and why do I want one?

We see and hear about a Lovey and as a new mom we sit there and say, “What is this thing I got as a gift?” I know as a new mom I said the same thing! Loveys will be your babies and a mommy’s best friend! It is a security object for your baby. In the first few months feed every time with the baby and lovey, put it in your shirt when you are home and walk around with it, and at night your baby will sleep with it. Now why do all of that? You want this lovely to smell like mommy and at 4am when your baby wakes up and they want mommy, they reach for their lovey and snuggle that instead… and mommy doesn’t get woken up! You want your little one to form a great bond with this lovey so they use it to cling too when they wake up. Even as a toddler my child loves her to comfort her at nighttime if she wakes up from a nightmare. It is a great tool to use to help establish elongated sleep and undisturbed sleep for mommy. In order to make this go well use the same one each time for your child, so keep 3 of the same one at home for them. You can use one on the go, one to stay in bed and one just incase the other ones get lost! Another thing to keep in mind when you are choosing a lovey is that it is safe for your child, “breathable”. Put it up to your mouth and see if you can breath, this is a great way to test. Angel Dear is an amazing brand that makes soft and snuggly breathable loveys. Another choice would be a small little breathable blanket, some babies prefer a blankie style lovey. Aden and Anais make mini square blankies with satin edges. As long as they form a connection to the object it doesn’t matter which one they like, just that they love it and snuggle with it. You will look at your monitor at night and your baby is sleeping soundly with this little lovey snuggled with them…. It is one of the cutest things ever!

Using White Noise

When we bring our little ones home from the hospital there are a few things that make them feel more at home. One of these is white noise. We have touched on this topic previously. White noise helps a baby to feel like they are still in our bellies because it is loud in there. Did you ever notice that sometimes your baby likes a specific one? Well here is why, there are two different types of white noise, low pitch and high pitch. We also have two different uses for white noise to calm babies when they are crying and when we want them in deep sleep. We use the low pitch white noise for sleeping. An example of low pitch noise would be a light “shushing” noise or rainfalls, something of low frequency. On the opposite end if we are in the car and our baby is crying hysterically we use a loud pitch white noise like the static on the AM radio, a high frequency. Once we understand which one to use and when we can make our babies smile ☺!

There are some great apps you can put of your phone. They are either free or either a dollar or two, but it will be the best dollar you ever spent! ☺

Oh no, Jaundice!

You just had your gorgeous little baby two days ago and then the nurses come in say your baby looks jaundice, and you think, “what the heck is going on?!” It's natural to be a little scared, but don't worry, it's perfectly natural. After you have your little one, they put them under lights in the hospital but before you bring your baby home, the doctor says they need more lights. At this moment, you think what is jaundice in newborns; I wish someone had told me about this. Yes most babies are born jaundice, some more than others.

Basically in their livers they produce a chemical called Bilirubin, we all have this chemical. The problem is an infant produces too much and therefore it builds up in the blood giving your little ones skin a yellowish tint called jaundice. Hospitals use light that alters the bilirubin and allows their liver to expel the unneeded bilirubin.

If you live in a sunny part of the world, you can just bring your baby outside and put them in the sunlight for 5 minutes at a time, this is an excellent way to get the jaundice out of them when you get home from the hospital. You can even put them in indirect sunlight through a window, this works as well. The good news is, you have nothing to worry about. Jaundice in babies is very common and is easily resolved and goes away after proper treatment. So enjoy your little one and all their smiles :).

Breast Milk For More Than Just Feeding

Just when we thought our bodies couldn’t do anymore after having our little one form and grow inside of us, it produces milk for our little one. This amazing stuff doesn’t just nourish and give our little on what it needs to grow but it can help various other conditions. Here are some breast milk home remedies for your little one:

  1. Baby Acne
  2. Common Cold
  3. Cracked or Sore Nipples
  4. Clogged Tear Duct
  5. Eczema
  6. Diaper Rash
  7. A Cut or Scrape
  8. Cradle Cap
  9. Dry Skin
  10. Chapped Lips
  11. Clearing up Congestion
  12. Eye Infection/Pink Eye

This amazing stuff that is produced in our body has many uses! So when you bring your little one home from the hospital and there is some cradle cap or a clogged duct, just use some breast milk and this will help it clear up and heal fast!

Newborn Laundry Tip

You just brought your baby home, you are exhausted and you are having sleepless nights and one thing that piles up is the laundry! And for some reason you are losing some of your precious little clothes in the wash. Try using a net bag (like a lingerie bag) for your little ones tiny items. It will keep them all together so they don’t go missing!

Newborn Diaper Changing Tip

If you have already started to change dirty and pee-pee diapers you have discovered that poop flies and so does pee regardless of being a girl or boy! In those first few months where we are nonstop changing diapers, keep a diaper cloth or extra diaper on to avoid any “accidents”. Place the diaper over your little one until you are 100% ready to get the changing done. This will keep you both cleaner ☺!

Newborn Clothes Tip

I know you got all these gorgeous little outfits for your little one before they were born for gifts or you just thought you couldn’t live with out them. But rule of thumb with a baby, if it isn’t quick to get on and off it isn’t baby friendly. In the beginning you want them to be quick and easy because no one wants to snap 12 snaps at 3am after feeding the baby in zombie mode. So keep it simple, snaps or easy top and bottom. Try using the pants that cover the feet already in the winter months so you don’t have to lose newborn socks constantly. And then when they get older, well, getting them to stay perfectly still long enough to change their diaper becomes the new challenge. So again, go simple and go quick. So the next time you are baby clothes shopping, always think if its an easy cute outfit or one you will be cursing when you are changing diapers :)!

Baby Sleep Guidelines

How many of hours does your baby really need??? I know as moms we constantly doubt ourselves and we aren’t sure if our little one is getting enough sleep or too much sleep? Here are some basic total hours of sleep guidelines by age to go by.

*0-3 mos: The beginning first month a baby can sleep anywhere from 16-20 hours of sleep. The second and third month your little one will start to slowly decrease to be 15-16 hours of sleep in the full day.

*3-6 mos: Over these next few months your babies nighttime sleep should become more elongated and your baby will have 3 afternoon naps and 1 long night time sleep, total ranging in 14-15 total in the full day.

*6-9 mos: By now most babies can sleep a long 12 hour stretch through the night and take two afternoon naps, totaling to14-15 hours in the full day.

*9-12 mos: Your baby now sleeps 12 hours at night and takes two afternoon naps anywhere from 1hr to 1.5 hours each, totally 14-15 hours in a full day.

*The minimum amount of nighttime sleep needed from 6 mos and up is 11 hours.

*As your child gets into the toddler years they will consolidate the two naps into one afternoon nap and will sleep anywhere from 11-14 hours total in a day depending on the child.

Just always remember every child is different and there is always a little error for margin everywhere.

Happy Baby Sleeping!

Feeding Questions

I know you got all these gorgeous little outfits for your little one before they were born for gifts or you just thought you couldn’t live with out them. But rule of thumb with a baby, if it isn’t quick to get on and off it isn’t baby friendly. In the beginning you want them to be quick and easy because no one wants to snap 12 snaps at 3am after feeding the baby in zombie mode. So keep it simple, snaps or easy top and bottom. Try using the pants that cover the feet already in the winter months so you don’t have to lose newborn socks constantly. And then when they get older, well, getting them to stay perfectly still long enough to change their diaper becomes the new challenge. So again, go simple and go quick. So the next time you are baby clothes shopping, always think if its an easy cute outfit or one you will be cursing when you are changing diapers :)!

To Feed or Not To Feed?

I’m often asked how often and how much should we feed our little ones a bottle or breast.

How often: Most babies need to feed every 3 hours during the day when they are very young. Most breastfed babies even need every 2 hours in the early weeks. At night they may stretch longer but not in the early weeks. Your little one will eventually stretch out to feed every 4 hours or even longer as they get older. Especially with good habits established early on.

How much:

Breastfeeding: If you are breastfeeding, your little one will regulate how much they eat on their own. Breastfeeding babies are very good at this, just make sure they empty one full breast so they get the hind milk then top it off with the second breast. With age they will become more efficient and nurse for shorter periods.

Formula Feeding: If you formula feed your baby, they can eat half their body weight in ounces. So if they weigh 8lbs they can eat up to 4 ounces. Will they at first? Probably not, but you can work up to it. The ounces will increase each month, and then they will decrease as solids are introduced and they get older.

10 Early Play Activities With Your Baby

We just got our new bundle of joy home and they are starting to need more interaction and play. So what can we do with them? Here are a few early play tips you can follow and keep your baby engaged.

  1. Play mat: you can do belly time on a play mat with mirrors and toys in front of your child or place them on their back and let them look at the toys hanging above.
  2. Bouncy chair: There are great bouncy chairs out there that light up, vibrate, and play music that will keep your baby happy.
  3. Singing: Babies love music. It could be you sing to them when you change their diaper or while you bathe them. At any point of the day babies love singing especially from their mommy!
  4. Narrate: tell your little one what you are doing while you carry them around a bit. Show them around the house and point and describe everything and anything. ☺
  5. Outside: bring them up to the window and let them look outside, it’s amazing how exciting a tree blowing in the wind, rain drops or snow can be.
  6. Park: Everyone loves the park, even a newborn! Lay them on a blanket with some toys. They will probably end up ignoring the toys and be so intrigued by the trees, leaves, grass or kids that are already there. I try to take my girls to the park 5 times a week, everyone has such a great time!
  7. Reading: It is never too early to start reading to your child. Repeatedly reading the same books begins to provide familiarity and routine.
  8. Use their senses: Look, Touch, Listen, Smell and Taste. This is good at any age.
  9. Rattles: Help your baby practice their milestones. Place a rattle in their hands and let them grasp it.
  10. Puppets: At any age puppets are fun! You can do little puppet shows for your baby and let them touch and feel the puppets.

My Newborn Is So Cold, Is This Normal??

If you are like most mothers, you come home from the hospital and non-stop worry about your baby’s temperature. Are they too hot? Are they too cold?

A newborn’s hands and feet are always colder than their body and may even be bluish in color and this is totally normal. Their circulation hasn’t fully matured yet and therefore their feet and hands feel cold when the actual body temperature is just right. Feel your baby’s torso to get the accurate temperature. With age, around three months, their the circulation of their blood will get better and the their hands and feet will get warmer. So it is important to always feel their torso first before wrapping them up in another swaddle.

Babies cry to communicate when they are newborns so if they cry, maybe they are saying “I am hot, take this blanket off of me!” So next time you reach for that very thick and cozy blanket, feel your baby’s torso to make sure they need it.

My Newborn’s Tongue Is Covered With White, Is This Normal??

Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding you may notice a white residue on your baby’s tongue. There are two possible reasons for this and it is very common, so don’t worry ☺.

The most common reason your baby’s tongue is whitish is milk residue. You can tell this is from feeding if its most noticeable after feeding and it can be lightly wipes to see a pinkish hue of a healthy tongue underneath. As your baby gets older they will produce more saliva and be able to “wash if off” easier from their tongue.

Thrush can also be a reason your little one’s tongue has white residue. But how do you know its thrush? Does your baby cry when feeding or sucking on a pacifier? Are there white “patches” on the tongue and in the inner mouth? Is it hard to wipe off the tongue and leaves a red and almost bleeding area? Chances are this may be thrush. It is best to consult your pediatrician on this topic. Your doctor can determine if it needs to be treated with an anti-fungal cream. Just remember if you are breastfeeding and they treat your baby with a cream, it also needs to be applied to your nipples. Thrush is not dangerous and is nothing to worry about. It can be treated quickly and in some cases just clears up on its own. Your baby may be fussier than normal during this process, but they will be happier once it is all cleared up.

So when you see a white residue on you baby’s tongue now you can determine what is the cause and take the correct route. You baby is your barometer and always trust your mother’s instincts! ☺

Is elevating your baby safe???

Maybe your baby spits up or has reflux and people say, "just elevate your baby." You sit there as a new mother and think, "what does that mean and how do I do this!" Elevating your baby at a 45 degree angel is suggested by many medical doctors or nurses to help babies that spit up, congested or have reflux. But you stop and think , but my Dr said nothing in the crib under a year?? So, how can you make the elevation safe? Before you had the baby if you bought the pack n play with newborn insert, you are in lucky, this is already elevated for your baby. For all other mamas, try one of these two things:

1. Putting books under the top half of the bassinet legs. You will have to fold or remove the wheels on the bassinet for this. Or you could remove the top half of just the bassinet and raise it slightly with books under it. Either of these choices will elevate the babies head slightly and make it more comfortable for them.

2. If you have put your baby in the crib already or are planning on it, pick up the mattress and put a standard pillow under one side of the crib mattress. Lower the mattress and you will see it creates a slight elevation of the mattress. This is 100% safe because nothing is in the crib, it is under the mattress so it is of no harm.

Elevation in the crib should be only be done at a young newborn age, when the baby is not moving actively around the crib. If they are moving it is not safe since they can move to a position where their legs are elevated above their heads, therefore making it unsafe. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not using wedges as well in a crib for elevation.

So in order to keep it safe and keep your baby happy try elevating them in a safe manner. Mommy, Daddy and baby will be all happier sleepers knowing everyone is safe and more comfortable.

Happy Elevating!

Spit up everywhere, is this normal?

Wow we thought we had enough diapers to change and we didn't even realize as moms the amount of outfit changes we have to do from spit up. Spit up is a very common in babies. As long as your baby is "happy" after spitting up, gaining well, developing well, sleeping well, and is not in discomfort from spitting up then this is a laundry problem not a medical problem. If you extra concerns always talk to your pediatrician.

So why does our baby spit up so much? When they are first born their digestion systems have not yet fully matured. The muscles at the bottom os the esophagus is not fully strong yet and therefore can not keep it down in their little bellies. They could be eating too fast or your let down could be too fast allowing them to eat quickly and get too much air in. If your baby is 3 months or older and newly easily distracted while eating, when they go off and on the boob or the bottle they also could be allowing them to swallow air. Spitting up usually peaks around 4 months and lightens up at 6 months. Babies over 6 months can spit up if they have started solids, started crawling, or are teething. As long as they are "happy spitter uppers" don't worry too much, your washing machine will just be getting its exercise :).

Whatever the reason may be there are a few things that you can do to help them spit up less: Elevate them while eating, burp after each feeding, keep the environment calm and less detracting while they are eating, make sure their diaper isn't to tight around their bellies, keep them elevated after they eat, stay away from movement such as car rides after feeding, watch your diet if you are breastfeeding, or if they are formula fed make sure they are on the correct one.

Babies poop, they eat, they sleep and yes they spit up! Make sure you have lots of laundry detergent, and get washing!

Happy Mothering!

My Baby Stays Awake For Hours, Is This Ok?

As new mothers we think a baby is just like us, that the longer they are awake, the more they will sleep because it will exhaust them but this is the complete opposite. The longer your baby is awake the more overtired they get and trying to put an overtired baby to bed is almost near impossible, especially in the early months. So in order to keep your new little one not overtired make sure they are only awake for the appropriate wakeful period for their age.

Newborns: 50-60 minutes
1 month: 60 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes
2 months: 1 hour and 20 minutes
3 months: 1 hour and 30 minutes
4 months: 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours
5 months: 2 hours
6 months: 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes
7-8 months: 2 hours and 30 minutes
9-10 months: 3 to 4 hours
11-12 months: 3 hours and 30 minutes to 4 hours and 30 minutes

So when you bring your little one home, read their cues that they are sleepy and don’t miss their sleep window. When it comes to sleep, timing is everything!

Happy Timing!

My Baby’s Days and Nights are mixed up! AHHH!

Your new little bundle of joy just entered your life and they are so snuggly! The only problem is when you want to sleep at night, they are up all night and during the day all they do is sleep! This is very common in newborns. So what can you do? Here are a few tips to get them back on track!

  1. Wake to feed during the day every 3 hours.
  2. Keep the natural light flowing through your home during the day when they are awake.
  3. For naps, keep a little light in the room and for nighttime sleep keep it pitch black.
  4. Daytime feedings can include singing or you talking to your baby vs. night time feedings should be done with a dark setting and no talking at all.

It will take a few days but they will get the hang of it and then you both can be on the same time clock ☺.

Happy Nighttime!

Does My Baby Have Reflux?

Our little one starts to cry as a newborn and another moms says to you, “maybe they have reflux?” You stop and think, what does this mean? How can I really tell if they do have reflux?

Reflux is when the your little one’s food with a little acid comes back up after eating into their esophagus and spit it back up. Even though most babies spit up and feel fine right after, reflux babies are very unhappy after they spit up every time and cry in pain. In severe cases babies are in so much pain they can’t eat much at one time and therefore are not gaining weight well. Your baby may arch their back when you try feeding them and push away, vomit regularly, cry uncontrollably after feedings, and be not gaining weight well if they have reflux.

Reflux is a medical condition and if your baby has these symptoms contact your pediatrician immediately to talk to them about this.

Happy and Healthy Babies!

What Is A Dreamfeed & When Should I Do It??

Dreamfeeding is a great way to get your baby to stay asleep and fuller longer, but I get asked very often, what is this and how do you do it? Dreamfeeding is in fact feeding your baby while they are fully asleep. It sounds like a weird concept, but it works! Babies become in such a relaxed state while they are sleeping they just open and feed, it is amazing!

How and when should you dreamfeed? You can dreamfeed with your newborn baby right from start. A dreamfeed usually takes place between 10pm-11:30pm. You take them swaddled in the environment they are sleeping in; pick them up and bottle or breast-feed them. Burp them after well and lay them back down.

What will this do? This will help your baby stay asleep longer and help them increase their ability to sleep longer. It is basically a top-up before you go to bed for the night. If you are already asleep try setting an alarm to wake and do the dreamfeed. Helping them elongate their sleep will be very beneficial. Additionally, Mommy gets more uninterrupted shuteye!

Should you do it at the same time every night? I usually recommend doing the dreamfeed within the same time range (10pm-11:30pm) but not at the same time every night. Now why is this? Because this way your baby is not regulated to an exact time and therefore when you choose to drop the feeding, they will not be in shock making it much easier for both of you.

Remember not every baby is the same. Some babies love the dreamfeed and some babies don’t. Some baby’s sleep longer and better, others actually wake and get disturbed with dreamfeeds. Just try it and take note of how your baby sleeps with the dreamfeed, is it the same? Or is it better? This way you can see if your baby does well with it and whether you should continue it. Most babies love it and sleep longer and better. Around 3 months you can wean off the dreamfeed and just let your little one sleep. Enjoy the extra shuteye!

Happy Dreamfeeding Mommies!

Stimulation overload!

Is your baby over stimulated? Babies get fussy it they are tired, hungry or just over stimulated. My husband and I always joke and say babies are so unpredictable one second they are happy and you blink your eye and they are crying, its just nuts! I am sure many parents out there have experienced this and feel the same. One of the main reasons this behavior occurs is overstimulation. This could be in big groups of people, older siblings, too many toys, or just too many electronics on in the home. If you see your baby is acting this way and you know they are not hungry or tired, they are over stimulated. Try taking the stimulation down a notch and cuddling up on the couch and reading a book in a soft voice or singing some soft music. Overstimulation can also be one of the leading causes to bad nappers. We always think, “more play will make them sleep better,” and this is correct as long as the stimulation level is correct as well. So read your babies signs and make sure they are not being overstimulation so the stay happy and sleep well.

Happy Playing Mommies!

Maximizing Sleep As A New Mommy!

To all the new mommies out there, welcome to motherhood! Welcome to having an unlimited unconditional love for your child that you didn’t even think was possible. Welcome to caring for an individual and being their everything. Lastly, welcome to the sleepless nights club. This is a new thing and we seem to successfully function on minimal sleep, but here are a few tips to maximize your broken sleep and make it the best sleep it can be!

  1. 1. Sleep when the baby sleeps, this means wrap them up in a swaddle and then jump under your own covers so you are ready to go!
  2. 2. Wear an eye mask. This will make the sleep you get be deep sleep that is better and therefore make you better rested. Once you start sleeping with an eye mask, your world of sleep with me transformed!
  3. 3. To help make you less groggy when you are awake during the day with the baby, natural light and lights on! This will help both of you.
  4. 4. Use your bed, when you do go to rest be in the right environment so you can be comfortable and get the good rest you need.

So Mama’s, get some good sleep no matter when you can get it in and most of all, Welcome to Motherhood!!!

Happy Mothering!

My Frozen Breast Milk Smells Funny??

If your baby has no problem breastfeeding but doesn’t like to drink your stored milk, it may be the taste. Does it always have a strange sour smell and your baby is turned off by it? Even if you pump fresh milk and use it a few hours later, this sour smell seems to appear you may have a high count of lipase in your breast milk. Lipase is the enzyme that aids in the digestion of fats and when it is stored it begins to breakdown. Some babies just don’t mind the taste and it is completely safe to give your baby if they are ok with the taste. So if there is no rejection, then don’t worry about it at all ☺! If they are refusing it and do not like the taste you may want to try scalding the breast milk before freezing it for storage. Scalding it is the heating up the milk before you store it to stop the process of fat digestion. Scalding it immediately is the best plan of action. Make sure when you scald or heat it up you just see little bubbles start to form and are not boiling it completely. This may lower some of the nutrients in the milk but will still be plentiful healthy for your little one. So next time you are having bottle feeding problems and you have tried everything, maybe it’s the milk not the bottle or your baby being picky☺!

>Happy Feeding Mommies!

First Steps Are Always The Hardest….

We bring our little one home from the hospital and wow are we in love. We are their everything. In fact if you think of it, you are now responsible for another human being. You are going to raise a little child and now in the beginning you literally provide everything for them. So it is always hard as a parent to take the first step towards something new. Moving the baby into the crib, this is such a hard move for most parents. Just giving them the their space and putting them in their own bed is a hard first step. Lets face it, it is the first step of independence for our little one and most of the time we aren’t ready as parents but they are. I know its hard, first they can’t do anything without us, then they are rolling around, crawling around, walking around, running around… and they still do need us in every way shape and form just it becomes a different kind of need. So as parents we have to grow with our baby and form to what they need us to be in the different stages of life. Parenthood comes with obstacles and joys all rolled into one! Enjoy every moment, it goes fast.. ☺

Newborn Tips: The Helpful To-knows!

Tip #1 Shades of red in a baby’s face: Any shade of red on a babies face accompanied with screaming/frustration etc is completely ok and normal. However a Blue/Purple face is not good, it means they are lacking oxygen & calling 911 immediately is imperative!

Tip #2 Purple/Blue hands and feet: It is also good to know that blue/purple hands and/or feet in a newborn is totally normal & is just their immature circulation. With time this will go away.

Tip #3 Best way to check a baby’s temperature: Always feel their chest, never judge it based on their hands and/or feet. It's inaccurate. Their little toes and cute little hands are almost always cold. This will get better with age as their circulation gets better ☺.

Tip #4 “Sleep like a baby”: Sleeping like a baby doesn’t exist ☺! Babies are loud sleepers and sleep in small increments early on. Eventually they will begin to move all over the place when they sleep even when they are swaddled. So don’t be surprised if you put them down at one end and they wake up on the other end. They are like little caterpillars!

Tip #5 Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding comes naturally Another misleading phrase….For something so "close to nature" you'd think it would be easy, natural and instinctive.. And not cause as much pain as it does, but unfortunately it simply is not true that breastfeeding comes naturally, in fact all sorts of problems can unfortunately occur. Possibly mastitis could occur or your baby having a tongue tie so seeking help from a Lactation consultant can be not only helpful but save a lot of pain and hassle further along the line. For starters, try request to see one before you leave the hospital- even if you feel things are going well.

Lastly, Enjoy every moment! Take tons of pictures and videos and just enjoy the smiles! They grow up fast and before you know it, you will be packing them a lunch and sending them off to school!

Happy Mommying!

Bored Mommy?? What Can You Do With Your Baby?

So you got home from the hospital and it’s around the clock work with nonstop feeding, changing and keeping up with your new appetite that is never-ending! Now what? What do to with this little baby to get you out and not be a bored mommy at home all the time? Most of all to avoid getting those horrible baby blues!

The Early Days…0-3 mos

Early on your baby can’t do much so have visitors when you want them. This will keep your life social and in the process letting your baby be held by lots of people can help them get socialized early on. Personally I love to let me babies organically develop. Just put a mat or blanket on the ground, lay down next your baby and let them get use to belly time. Early on your baby can’t do too many things so try to sleep when they sleep and for sure go out for some walks or yummy restaurants.

The Middle Months….3-6 mos

Well good morning! Yes you have a baby and that baby is starting to roll, sit up and all kids of fun things… not to mention that adorable laugh they have that you are enjoying! Yes with all these come some tears and some sleepless nights but it is all worth it! If you are on the Make My Baby Smile program they are also learning to sleep on their own and starting to give the whole family some quality sleep. Now is a good time to start to take them to the park, play dates, classes, mommy and me to meet new moms or just hang out and play with toys. With time their wakeful periods will get longer and therefore more activity will come along with that.

Happy Mommying!

Car Seats: The To-Knows On Safety:

Before we take our little ones home from the hospital, we must have a car seat and it needs to be installed correctly. You can go anywhere from a store with trained car seat technicians, fire station, police station, or see a private car seat technician. Below is a safety checklist to keep your car seat safe with your baby or toddler.

  1. Straps: When you baby is rear facing, the shoulder straps need to be in the insert hole that is below or at shoulder length of your baby. Most baby car seats have 2 or 3 slots so make sure to use the correct one.
  2. Rear Facing: Keep them rear facing for as along as possible. This is the safest way for your child to sit. New laws state to keep your child rear facing until they are 2 years old.
  3. No Gaps: Your car seat is a 5-point harness. The snap that is in between their legs in their crotch should have no gaps between their legs and the harness of the car seat. This is mainly an issue in small newborns.
  4. Chest Clip: Make sure the chest clip is placed correctly on your child’s body. This clip should be in the area in between their nipples and armpits. Always use their armpits as a checkpoint every time you strap them in.
  5. Outgrowing: Know the guidelines for your car seat of when your child outgrows their car seat. Know your car seats rules so read the manual! Most babies out grow their infant car seat in length before weight, so know the rules. ☺
  6. Straps: They should not be too tight or too loose. The “two finger rule” is outdated. Tighten the straps then try to pinch the strap near the collarbone, if there is enough to pinch fully then the straps need to be tighter.
  7. No Coats: Next time you put your baby in a coat, take them out and take the coat off then put them in again and see how big the straps are, that will say it all! Coats add extra space that is that, so the straps will be too loose. Every car seat has in their manual no coats because it isn’t safe.
  8. Manuals: I know we all want to do everything with out directions but read the manual. This information is so informative and your child’s safety depends on it.
  9. Help: If you are having problems seek help at a local fire station or a car seat technician. Car seat technicians are truly the best because they are trained and can answer all and every question.

So next time you put your child in the car seat go through your mental check list to make them as safe as possible.

Happy Mommying!

Natural Easy Trick To Clear Stuffy Nose! :)

The best natural way to help them while they sleep is to cut an onion in half and place it on a plate in their room. Just place it down before you lay them down to sleep and let it do the work! It will be stinky BUT it will clear them up while they sleep. Its sounds strange but it works. And in this cold/flu season its great to catch things early on and avoid ear infections etc.

Also remember works for Adults too ☺

Happy Sleeping!

When Is My Baby Alert?

When your baby's eyes are bright and wide open they are in an Alert State. This is when they learn the most! So when your baby enters this Alert State stop what you are doing and focus face to face and talk with them. Use strong facial expressions to help them take in your emotional communication too. Be silly! Here is my husband being silly with our nephew who is 8 weeks old here. Just have fun with it!

Happy Silly Parenting!

Soft Spot: What Is It & When Does It Close Up?

Every baby is born with two soft spots called fontanelles on their head and as a new mother we are very curious but sometimes a little weirded out by it. It pulses or pops up sometimes if the baby strains when they poop, but just know these little soft spots don’t last forever. These little areas do look very fragile but they are protected by a sturdy membrane, so don’t be afraid to shampoo their head gently in those areas. The back soft spot closes up normally between two and four months. The top one on the other hand, can last until your child’s second birthday. So don’t be shocked if the top one sticks around longer than the back one, that is totally normal. These amazing little human beings grow more and more everyday and just like how they learn to roll, crawl, walk and eventually run their little bodies develop muscles and so do their soft spots form closure. It’s all a cycle so let nature take its course.

Happy Mommying!

White Noise: To Use or To Not Use?

There is so much talk about white noise not being good for your little one. A new study claims that the use of an infant sound machine can be harmful to your little one’s hearing. This study has some very important points, but it always important to realize a few guidelines as well. Make sure going forward the volume is not on max and place the sound away from the crib. Remember white noise is just one piece of the puzzle to create great sleeper for a newborn baby; it is combined with routine, swaddling, dark room, and various other healthy sleep habits. Pediatricians such as Dr. Weissbluth and Dr. Karp both still endorse the usage of white noise. Either way you go, just remember to not blast it and put it away from the crib to be safe.

Happy Mommying!

My Baby And I Need HELP Now!

Uh oh! Baby is not happy and mommy is ready to pull her hair out!! Have no fear, we are here to help.

If you need urgent assistance in any baby matter, be it sleep, routine, new baby on the way, integrating a baby into a pet home, or anything else, we have you covered. Reach out, let’s schedule a consultation yesterday and let us change the uh oh in to a simple ahhhh.